Shian’s Official Demo Song Now Available, Made Using Semi-Finished Voice Bank

Quadimension has silently uploaded Shian’s official demo song, “禁忌Apple Dance / Jìnjì Apple Dance (Taboo Apple Dance)” on their official Bilibili channel. You can listen to the full song below!

But who is the song’s producer, arranger, lyric-writer, etc.**, and why was there no big social media announcement for it?

In the comments section of the video, Ddickky explains that creation of Shian’s Synthesizer V product is taking longer then expected, and that they will not be able to release her on time. However, they understand that fans are still eager to hear more of her voice in a demo song, so they quickly created this using her semi-finished product.

He then tells fans to expect a much better demonstration of her voice to be released in the future as they continue development, and to understand that this demo song is not indicative of her final product.

We look forward to hearing an updated demo song using Shian’s completed voice bank, and will share the news right away once it is made public!


We now learn that the song’s producer is Zeno through a post on Quadimension’s official Weibo. In that post, they again stress that this song does not represent her finalized voice bank, and that they expect to release something even better next week.

Furthermore, you can now pre-order Shian’s Synthesizer V voice bank here for a discounted price of ¥500 RMB for a limited time! (Regular price is ¥680 RMB)


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