Hatsune Miku 2nd Season Summer Ver. Figure Pics Revealed

The Hatsune Miku 2nd Season Summer Ver. figure from Taito will be coming sometime in the latter half of June. But before its release, we get to see a bunch of photos of it first!

The figure is based on an illustration of Miku by ワダアルコ / Wadarco. You can see just how closely the figure recreates the illustration! Specifically, pictured above is the normal version of the figure with Miku winking.

Furthermore, participating shops will also carry the limited store version in which Miku keeps both eyes open, and wears alternate colors. Finally, a third version with Miku shutting both her eyes will available as a prize in the Taito Online Crane Game!

All pics can be seen in larger view on the official Hatsune Miku Figure Four Seasons Series website!

**UPDATE ON JUNE 3, 2019**
The Akihabara Hey official twitter also gives us some photos of the figure on display at their store!

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