Hatsune Miku x K.R.T. Girls Collaboration Manga Series

The collaboration between Hatsune Miku and the K.R.T. Girls continues this month with a series of 4-panel comics! You can find and read them on the K.R.T. Girls’ official Facebook page, Simon Creative’s official Weibo page (both in traditional Chinese), or Simon Creative’s Twitter page (in Japanese). We will also be collecting and translating* them here as they are released!

The comics are being illustrated by 凡爾賽菇雞三世 / ChickeIii and 4why.

*Please note that these will all be unofficial fan translations

Episode 1: Fired

Xiaoqiong: ♪
Xiaoqiong: (She’s a new face I’ve never seen before…)
Xiaoqiong: (Huh.. whaaaaat!?)
Xiaoqiong: Am I… going to be fired?

On Weibo

Episode 2: Double Firing

Xiaoqiong: I don’t know where there are still station attendant jobs out there…
Amelia: Cheer up. I’m sure there’s just a misunderstanding somewhere.
Xiaoqiong: *point*
Amelia: Hm?
Amelia: Wha!? Whaaaaat!?
Amelia: I don’t know where there are still train conductor jobs out there…

Episode 3: Replaced

[Nana looks… different?]

Ann: What’s the matter, you two?

Xiaoqiong & Amelia: We’re gonna get replaced…

Ann: We’re the K.R.T. Girls! We could never be replaced!

Ann: Isn’t that right, Na-…?

Ann: ….

Ann: Na… Nana’s been replaced!

Episode 4: Nope

Nana: Relax, everyone. We’re just starting our new event, is all.

Ann: Nana!

Amelia: So this new event you mentioned is…?

Nana: We’re going to be collaborating with Hatsune Miku from Japan!

Nana: This May, Hatsune Miku came to Taipei to perform the Miku Expo concert. This was also the concert celebrating the 5th anniversary of Miku Expo. Moreover, this was the first time in three years that Taiwan has welcomed Hatsune Miku back to perform. During their collaboration period with us, they’ll be wearing our uniforms…

Xiaoqiong: And they’ll be working as the K.R.T. Girls for us? Does that mean we can take a paid leave?

Nana: Nope.

Episode 5: Kouhai

Amelia: But since they’re wearing K.R.T. uniforms… does that make them our kouhai?

Xiaoqiong: Can you try calling me “senpai?”

Miku: Xiaoqiong-senpai~💖

Amelia: Wah!

Xiaoqiong: I’ve always wanted a cute kouhai like you!

Jeanne: ……..

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