WonFes Shanghai Figure Round Up

Once upon a time, there used to be two WonFes that caught the attention of many: Winter WonFes and Summer WonFes. Now there’s so many figure shows that our wallets are constantly on the defense. And with VOCALOID growing even more popular in China, WonFes Shanghai is now another event for fans to keep an eye on.

Here are all the VOCALOID figures announced at WonFes Shanghai!

Hatsune Miku: Memorial Dress Ver. 1/7 Scale

The star of the show was by far the Hatsune Miku: Memorial Dress Ver. scale. First seen as an unpainted prototype at Winter WonFes 2019, it stunned everyone. And now we’ve finally got a painted version!

Now that we have a painted version, fans are realizing all of the details and song references in the design: Especially in Miku’s twintails.

Image sources:

Luo Tianyi: Lemon Ver. 1/8 Scale

First announced in February 2018, this figure became an instant hit before news on it went silent. Thankfully we’ve finally got news and amazing news at that: There’s a painted prototype and a release date!

The figure will release in May 2020 and will cost fans ¥13,704

Source: Weibo

Hatsune Miku The First Dream Ver. 1/8 Scale

The album ” 初梦 ” (The First Dream) by Mikai Music is super popular for a reason! And now the album art is getting the special treatment of becoming a scale figure! While the price and release date are still TBA, many fans can’t wait to add this to their collection.


figma Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese Ver.

Miku V4 Chinese is a fan favorite design. Her Nendoroid and scale figure were both met with lots of love so it only makes sense to complete the GSC trifecta with a figma!

Source: Twitter

Racing Miku 2019 Thailand Ver.

After the announcement of the Thailand design for this year’s Racing Miku, it was only a matter of time before a scale figure was announced. And now we finally have confirmation! Hopefully we’ll be able to see an unpainted prototype by Summer WonFes! (Or if we’re really lucky, a painted one)

Source: Twitter

More Information

Summer WonFes is just around the corner so expect more VOCALOID figure news in the future! Until then, stay tuned to VocaSphere for all your vocal synth news.

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