IA and ONE New Goods Visuals Revealed

The 1st Place Official Shop Hachimaki recently revealed the pair of new IA and ONE visuals that will be used for goods sold at the upcoming collaboration shop with The Chara!

First comes the “Yukata 2019” visual for IA, perfect for summer! Doesn’t she look extra lovely in a butterfly-themed yukata? And what wish do you suppose she wrote on that tanzaku paper in her hand?

Continuing with the summer theme comes the “Tanabata” chibi visual for both IA and ONE! IA is depicted as Orihime while ONE is depicted as Hikoboshi. Will they be fated to meet come July 7, the day of Tanabata?

We’ll be seeing much more of these visuals soon on June 22 when the Hachimaki x The Chara Shop collaboration store event is open for business! There, brand new goods based off them – as well as Kagerou Project and spinoid – will go on sale! Expect to see what they’ll be soon!

Event Period:
June 22 through July 7

Business Hours:
11:00 AM to 8:30 PM (6:00 PM on the final day)

Location: The 7F The Chara Shop at the Ikebukuro Marui

To those who will be ordering online, take note that the Hachimaki shop just announced that each order will come with a ¥595 JPY shipping and handling charge. That cost will reduce to ¥298 JPY if you purchase at least ¥5,000 JPY worth of goods in a single order, and will even become free shipping if at least ¥8,000 JPY worth of goods are ordered.

Shipping charges to areas in Okinawa and other locations off the Japanese mainland will be a flat ¥1,155 JPY. There is no mention of international shipping.


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