New Xin Hua Merchandise: Blanket, Acrylic Stand and Keychain

There are some brand new Xin Hua merchandise currently up for grabs for a limited time!


First comes the Xin Hua blanket, fluffy and soft to the touch, and bearing her new 2019 design and logo! To win one, you’ll need to follow Xin Hua on Weibo and share this post by Friday, June 14, and you can become one of three winners to receive a blanket!

Even if you don’t think your chances are winning one are that great, it’ll still be good to share the post. That’s because Xin Hua mentions that if more than 300 people enter, they’ll consider making more!

Acrylic Stand and Keychain

Next, we have the Xin Hua acrylic stand and keychain! They are based off illustrations by 白天不闹鬼 / bugost and created by oh幻都 / ohhuandu. The stand depicts Xin hua in a beautiful Dragon Boast Festival garment, while the keychain is of the adorable tsumamare type!

The items are available for pre-order until June 20, and go for ¥18 RMB each or ¥25 RMB as a set. You can find the Taobao page here!

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