New Racing Miku Goods from COCOLLABO: Thai Ver. Acrylic Figure, Parka

COCOLLABO will be bringing more Racing Miku goods to C96 and Magical Mirai this summer. Check out the newly announced ones below!

Racing Miku 2019 Thai Ver. Giant Acrylic Keychain

230mm (W) x 200mm (H), 5mm (diameter)
130mm diameter stand

¥3,240 JPY

Product page:

Racing Miku 2019 Ver. Full Graphic Parka Vol. 2

Features Racing Miku 2019 Thai version on the front, and Racing Miku 2019 on the back.

M Size:
Length: 65cm
Width: 57cm
Sleeve Length: 60cm

L Size:
Length: 68cm
Width: 60cm
Sleeve Length: 63cm

XL Size:
Length: 71cm
Width: 63cm
Sleeve Length: 66cm 


¥9,720 JPY

Product page:

The new items are GSR coupon items for personal sponsors. Get more information here. Both will be available at COCOLLABO’s booths at C96 and Magical Mirai 2019, and at various race events, and are available for pre-order online right now!

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