Magical Mirai 2019 Exhibition Stage in Tokyo Special Live Announced

We previously reported on the Magical Mirai 2019 Exhibition Stage in Osaka Special Live. But after reading it, those who plan on attending the Tokyo event may be left wanting.

But now those individuals can rest assured, because another two special live shows have just been confirmed for the Tokyo stop as well!

Day 1 of the Tokyo live will take place on August 30. The setlist is being dubbed the “Megurine Luka 10th Anniversary & Miku Expo 5 Anniversary DJ set,” and will contain songs from the Megurine Luka 10th Anniversary – Fabulous∞Melody – album, as well as past Miku Expo theme songs!

The performers will be BIGHEAD, DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING, emon(Tes.), and 八王子P / HachiojiP.

But it won’t be ending there! Day 2 will then take place on August 31 with the performers EasyPop/BETTI, ナユタン星人 / Nayutalien, 松下 / Matsushita, and 和田たけあき / Wada Takeaki. Hinted for the setlist on the official page are “ブレス・ユア・ブレス / Bless Your Breath” and Jump for Joy” given who two of the performers are.

Tickets to the live performances will cost ¥2,000 JPY. The online lottery for the tickets will be open on June 17 at 12:00 PM (JST), and will close on June 26 at 11:59 PM (JST). You can find the ticket page here.

Both shows will take place at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall starting at 7:30 PM (JST) on their respective days (with doors opening at 7:00 PM). Those hoping to attend should plan their trips accordingly!

All information comes from the official site for the Exhibition Stage in Tokyo Special Live.

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