Special Giveaway by KARENT Underway

KARENT is currently holding a special giveaway campaign on Twitter for all to participate in!

Steps to Enter

Step 1:

Follow KARENT on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarenT_Crypton

Step 2:

Compose a Tweet in which you explain your reasons for liking and recommending a certain song.

Also consult the prize list below and enter the letter for the prize that you would like the most:

A: Magical Mirai 2019 poster autographed by 和田たけあき / Wada Takeaki
B: Magical Mirai 2019 poster autographed by EasyPop
C: Snow Miku 2019 poster autographed by DECO*27
D: Fabulous∞Melody poster autographed by ゆよゆっぺ / Yuyoyuppe, ハヤシケイ, 八王子P / HachiojiP, and emon(Tes.)
E: 銀雪のアリア / Shirogane Yuki no Aria album autographed by MITCHIE M
F: 銀雪のアリア / Shirogane Yuki no Aria album autographed by まらしぃ / marasy
G: Hopeful Snow album autographed by 40mP
H: キラユキ*リフレクション / Kirayuki Reflection album autographed by doriko
I: 雪あかりの夜想曲 / Yuki Akari no Yasoukyoku album autographed by TOKOTOKO

Each prize will have 4 winners

Step 3:

Enter the URL for the song on KARENT and hashtag your tweet with #おすすめのKARENT配信曲, and tweet it.

Here is an example of how the tweet should look:

① = reason for liking / recommending ラッキー☆オーブ / Lucky☆Orb
② = Prize “A” selected
③ = Hashtag #おすすめのKARENT配信曲 and the KARENT URL for the song

Those who complete the three steps before June 30 at 11:59 PM (JST) will be eligible to win their prize of choice!

Here are additional instructions for how to tweet properly from your mobile device, or on your PC. They both recommend you going directly to https://karent.jp/, finding the song that you want to recommend, and hitting the Tweet button to start your tweet.

For even more examples, consult the search results of the hashtag #おすすめのKARENT配信曲 and see how other people post.

Some disclaimers:

※Entrants can submit as many tweets as they want, but tweeting the same tweet does not affect the chances of winning
※KARENT will be using some comments at a Magical Mirai exhibit
※KARENT will direct message all winners, so don’t stop following them
※Prizes will be sent out sometime in September, 2019

Best of luck to all who will be giving it a go!

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