“Kagayake! Yukarin Star Festival” Now Available Online

If you read our day 1 overview of the Kono Koe Todoke, Tsuki Made Mo 5 (hereafter “Koetsuki 5”) doujin event from May, and were left wishing that you could watch the new “Kagayake! Yukarin Star Festival” drama show, then you’re in luck! The event organizers have now uploaded the show in its entirety online for all to watch and enjoy!

Also available on Niconico here.

The show tells the story of how Kizuna Akari struggles to write a new song and attend to titular festival in order to impress her idol, Yuzuki Yukari, and make a name for herself in the process. The show is 100% fanmade, so none of the character personalities are official. Of course, the fact that it’s completely fanmade makes it all the more impressive that an entire drama show, pooling together an all VOCALOID and VOICEROID cast with their animations and spoken lines created without official assistance, could be made like this!

Be sure to follow the Koetsuki organizers on Twitter to keep up to date on their projects for next year’s event!

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