Details on Luo Tianyi’s 2019 Birthday Party Revealed

A new image by TID and an announcement for Luo Tianyi’s 2019 birthday celebration have just been revealed on Weibo!

The big event will take place on July 12 at exactly 7:12 PM (CST) at the Shanghai World Financial Center‘s 94th floor space (those with fear of heights, take note).

Space is extremely limited, so those hoping to attend will have to sign up here quickly:

For everyone else, the event will be livestreamed on Bilibili Live below, so everyone will be able to watch!

All information comes from the below Weibo announcement. In fact, those who share the announcement while tagging a friend will have the chance to receive a Tianyi birthday gift package!

Stay tuned as more details about Tianyi’s birthday party are revealed!

**UPDATE ON JULY 8, 2019**
With four days left until her birthday, Tianyi gives us one last reminder!
Video from:


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