Review: The Eraser to Your Pencil (Rerulili Ft. MEIKA Hime and Mikoto – Specialgirl)

Official MEIKA Hime & Mikoto art by △○□× (miwasiba)

So far, since their release in late March, MEIKA Hime & Mikoto haven’t received much recognition beyond fans’ passive comments on the two’s complimentary designs. It seemed that the twin plum flowers would be lost in a sea of unpopular Vocaloids that came before them, like Kanon & Anon and galaco, but just because a Vocaloid isn’t popular doesn’t mean they aren’t a good addition to the growing list of vocal synths; sometimes all it takes is a well-known producer to make an outstanding song using them. Luckily for the young Gynoid Vocaloids, that’s exactly what happened.

Rerulili, a producer famous for reluctantly naughty tracks Holy Lance Explosion Boy and Brain Fluid Explosion Girl recently released Specialgirl featuring MEIKA Hime & Mikoto- a happy-go-lucky song just perfect for the twins. The blithe melody alongside adorable MMD animation choreographed by motion actor gurico15 made for a radiant experience that wasn’t originally expected from the pair. Though there has been no official English lyrics released quite yet, it can be inferred that this song is easily more innocent than many of Rerulili’s previous releases.

The song opens with MEIKA Hime’s childish tone, elucidating her visuals of someone she sees in the back of a classroom. Despite Hime’s cutesy initial appearance in the song, Mikoto goes on to question the secrets of the universe and the illicit perversion that comes with them. Before the chorus, MEIKA Hime reveals the nature that terrifically reflects her adolescent voice- as long as she dusts of her skirt, she can continue doing her best! This is comparable to saying “when you get knocked down, just keep getting up.” MEIKA Hime & Mikoto have an affinity with the aforementioned student in the classroom, and despite their worries and lack of understanding, they know that they have to keep going no matter what, even with a girly heart.

Dokkoisho, dokkoisho!

(Japanese equivalent to heave ho, heave ho!)

They’re excited and their hearts are throbbing, but they want to try their best to tell their love how they feel. This is reminiscent of famous song “Suki Daisuki” featuring Kagamine Rin by JevanniP, a piping of a girl in love and through feminine anxieties, attempting to tell him her adoration. It’s clear that this song isn’t like anything Rerulili would typically produce, but it’s an adorably mellow song- good thing too, as MEIKA Hime & Mikoto’s estimated age is around 12.

Directly after the chorus we are introduced to an adorable expression of love by Mikoto. “If you are a pencil, I want to be your eraser.” Not only is this sickeningly sweet, it fits perfectly into the classroom environment set by the first verse. Even Hime cannot see through her glasses foggy with the sweet trickery of intimacy, and accepting that she may not be loved back to the same extent, explains cheerfully, “It is better to love than to be loved.” That is the truth of the universe’s many questions.  

Rerulili’s Specialgirl is a very kindhearted and happy-go-lucky tune about the many emotions that come with falling in love- and is just what the plum spirit pair needed to become more than just a mascot with a voice. All we can do is try our best and push through, and it is okay if our crushes don’t like us back- we can keep moving forward through the universe; after all, as MEIKA Hime & Mikoto tell us, in verse before the final chorus, we need to put on a courageous smile! Love is cherishable, the truth to all the questions the universe offers, and we are all special.

Want to listen for yourself?

MEIKA Hime & Mikoto are copyrighted by Gynoid. All rights reserved.

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