Kotori Kowai “Let’s Play” Lecture, MEIKA Hime & Mikoto Goods, Anime ED Theme Song Announced

Several press releases from gynoid revealed a whole lot of news about MEIKA Hime and MEIKA Mikoto today! We go through each of them one by one below

“Let’s Play” Lecture

On July 7, the voice provider for the MEIKAs, Kotori Koiwai, and producer mathru will host a lecture about how to make “let’s play” game videos, utilizing the mUniSm platform for video capture and more. And it won’t just be them; they will also be using the MEIKAs themselves to help with narration!

Date and time: July 7 at 3:00 PM (JST)

Location: Tenjin Vivre

Tickets will be available the Animate Fukuoka Tenjin shop starting on June 29, and will be given out with purchases of MEIKA Hime and Mikoto merchandise.

“Wait, what merchandise?” is what you may be asking. If so, then read on!

MEIKA Hime & Mikoto Merchandise

Starting on June 29 at the above-mentioned Animate Fukuoka Tenjin store, new MEIKA Hime and Mikoto merchandise will be up for sale! All pics below come from this blog, and all prices are tax included.

① Clear file folder: ¥378 JPY
② Acrylic stands (2 kinds): ¥1,512 JPY each
③ Stickers (3 kinds): ¥324 JPY each
④ Can badges (2 kinds): ¥400 JPY each

⑤ Collectible can badges (6 kinds, random): ¥324 JPY each
⑥ Acrylic keychains (3 kinds)¥540 JPY each

Illustrations for all the goods were provided by △○□× / miwasiba.

For those who can’t make it to the store, the goods will be available on the gynoid store in the fall.

Furthermore, they announced that life-size popup displays of the MEIKAs will be appearing all over Fukuoka during that time! Look forward to more information on that at a later date.

“Pirikarako-chan” ED Theme Song

And finally, it has been confirmed that the MEIKAs will be singing the ending theme to the anime series “Hakatamentai! Pirikarako-chan!

Pirikarako-chan is a series of anime shorts that will begin airing on July 7 on KBC at 6:15 (JST). Its ending theme is called “ぴっぴぴりから、ぴりからこ。 / Pippi-Pirikara, Pirikarako,” and is being composed by mathru, using none other than the MEIKAs to sing it! And on July 8, the day after the anime debut, the song will be made available on iTunes and other music distribution services. Look forward to it then!

**UPDATE ON JUNE 29, 2019**
The full song and PV are now available on mathru’s YouTube channel!

Was that enough MEIKA news for you? Don’t expect gynoid to slow down in news surrounding their VOCALOID characters, though. Expect more announcements from them to be covered by VocaSphere!


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