Mirai Komachi Support Project Begins

Manga Hack has announced a new project with the Bandai Namco Research Center. Called the Mirai Komachi-chan Support Project, they are accepting manga, illustrations, and character setting ideas to establish her universe!

The contest invites creators to freely interpret Mirai’s world and character, and then either come up with project proposals, or submit manga and illustrations for the chance to make their ideas a reality!

Project Proposal Category Prizes

・The right to put your project proposal into action
・Mirai Komachi goods set
・¥10,000 JPY

Contest judges will be selecting the best ideas from among the proposed projects that help establish Mirai’s universe, and will work together with the winning entrants to fully realize them.

Manga and Illustration Category Prizes

・The chance to have your work published in a booklet
・Mirai Komachi goods set
・¥10,000 JPY

Contest judges are looking for manga and illustrations of Mirai that help tell stories about her, and will collect and publish the best ones.

**UPDATE ON JULY 4, 2019**
One of these items from the goods set has been revealed to be a Mirai Komachi mug.


There will be three rounds to the contest:

Round 1 is accepting entries until July 31, and results will be determined in late August

Round 2 will be accepting entries until September 30, and results will be determined in late October

Round 3 will be accepting entries until December 11, and results will be determined in late December

This means that participants have until December 11 to participate in the contest.


To help creators with their entry ideas, the contest site has a character page describing each of the characters in Mirai’s world who can be used for the contest. They are given descriptions that people can use as reference for their manga/illustration storyboards or planned project proposals.


One day at the Bandai Namco Future Research Center, the professor and his helper robots, Q-56 and QC-RO, were working on a project when things go wrong, and an explosion occurs. But from the fumes of that explosion emerges a girl, Mirai Komachi. Despite the circumstances, she calmly asks the professor “Where am I? What year is this? And who are you?”

Thus begins Mirai Komachi’s story.

Mirai Komachi

22nd Century Idol Who Creates the Future with Smiles

A researcher at the Bandai Namco Research Center who came to the past to study life in the 21st century.

She’s always brimming with curiosity and is easy to talk to

She loves cats and carrots

Her birthday is February 22, and she is associated with the number 2 a lot

Has some scientific knowledge, though it’s unknown to what extent

When she decides to do something, she gives it her all

A lot is still not known about her, such as where she lives. She would tell the professor a lot, but when she says too much, she would hit him over the head with the “forgetfulness hammer” and cause him to lose his memory…


Tabletop Game-Loving Robot

He has the personality of an old man, and is often hated by girls. He wants to be hugged and carried around by girls like QC-RO does, but since he’s really heavy, he’s never had that experience before

He gets so fully absorbed in the things that he likes that he forgets where he is

He loves games more than anything and can be happy just playing them

He crumbles at the words “Game Over”

He was quickly thrown together by the professor, and is actually a mish-mash of phone parts

As much as the professor likes him, he wants to be rebuilt someday

He’s often too concerned with his surrounds, and has the bad habit of relentlessly looking around


AI Robot Who’s Mainly an Angel, and Sometimes Not

Loved by girls and often gets hugged by them

She doesn’t know very many words and cannot speak much

She has a crystal in her chest that can be swapped out to change her personality

She’s extremely curious and can get absorbed in pretty much anything. She’s normally in a spacey state, but after she learns something, she’ll suddenly utter some brilliant ideas.

She has learned how to speak, but sometimes she would suddenly start uttering nonsense for unknown reasons.

The Professor

Everyone’s Caretaker With a Passion for both Research and Play

He thinks logically and is skilled at putting together haphazard ideas

He tends to treat his company equipment as if it were his own

Sometimes he tries to make everything into an AI

He gets jealous of his cat whenever he sees it get hugged by Mirai

When he analyzes something, he has the habit of clutching a ruler in one hand while staring at it and muttering to himself. He even tries this with Mirai sometimes.

He put together Q-56 in a rush with a mish-mash of phone parts, but he quite likes how he turned out

He’s very curious about the fact that Mirai Komachi came from the future, and is always asking her questions about the future

How to Enter

Entrants must first sign up for and log in to Manga Hack, which you can do here.

After logging in, click on where it says “作品管理” in the upper-right corner of the page, select “イラスト投稿” (only if you are entering an illustration), give your work a title and tag it with “ミライ小町” and start uploading.

As long as your work is original and properly tagged, it will be accepted. Even entering something that you already posted on a different site, or even tagging an old upload of yours on Manga Hack, will be acceptable.

Visit the official contest page here, and also visit Mirai Komachi’s official site here. You even visit and follow her brand new Twitter account below!


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