Megpoid 10th Anniversary Albums Available on Karent

In celebration of GUMI’s upcoming 10th anniversary, Karent is promoting a special set of albums featuring the VOCALOID from Internet Co., Ltd.!

Promotional artwork by GUMI’s official illustrator, ゆうきまさみ / Masami Yuki

Track List

#1 警告 / keikoku (Warning) by msr

#2 少女溶解 / Shoujo Youkai (Girl dissolution) by 砂粒 / sntb

#3 18歳の責任 / 18 sai no Sekinin (Responsibilities of an 18-year-old) by 傘村トータ / Tota Kasamura

#4 ラムネ / Ramune by わたしょ / watasho

#5 グッバイサニーデイ / Goodbye Sunny day by わたしょ / watasho

#6 ライムライト / Limelight by 蜂屋ななし / Hachiya Nanashi

#7 恋はきっと急上昇☆-Rock Buster- / Koi wa Kitto Kyujoushou☆-Rock Buster- (Love will surely Skyrocket -Rock Buster-) by のぼる↑ / Noboru

#8 ロンリー レンジャー / Lonely Ranger by Gumin

#9 farewell by アンメルツP / Ann-Melts P (gcmstyle)

#10 かげ / kage (Shadow) by otetsu

#11 ありのままの私 / Ari mo Mama no Watashi (Just as I am) by harunacute

#12 創造論 code:■■■■■■■ / (Souzouron code:■■■■■■■ (Theory of Creation code:——-) by FAULHEIT

#13 ピアノデイズ / PIANO DAYS by ねじ式 / Neji-Shiki

Official Site

Find the official site here with links to where you can purchase each song!

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