Luo Tianyi x Mirinda Collaboration Teased for Bilibili Macro Link

On Tianyi’s official Weibo, she announced today a collaboration with Mirinda in a rather unusual but enjoyable way: through a comic strip! See what they announce below!

Comic by 桑景森PROJECT / Sāng Jǐng Sēn Project.
Source link:

Panel 1:

[Busy with rehersals for BML, Luo Tianyi wasn’t feeling so great, so Mr. V took her to Mirinda Land to help her relax.]

Panel 2:

Tianyi: “I’m beat from all the fun we had today. Huh? Why does the fountain behind me smell so sweet?”

Mr. V: “Looks like you can drink from it. Here, I filled a can of it for you to try.”

Panel 3:

Tianyi: “Wow! Isn’t this Mirinda litchi flavored soda? Don’t mind if I do!”

Panel 4:


Panel 5:

Tianyi: “Wow… what is this boundless joy that I am feeling? After I finish drinking, I feel like my whole body is filled with vitality!”

Panel 6:

Litchi: “Surprise! We’re rooting for you at BML!”

Tinayi: “Thank you so much Mirinda! I’m so moved! I love you all!”

Panel 7:

[All this time, it was a surprise planned out by Mr. V and the litchi]

Litchi: “Our plan worked perfectly!”

Mr. V: “Awesome! Tianyi looks so happy!”

Panel 8:

[Everyone sings and dances by the fountainside, raising their cups and drinking as if lost in an aromatic, fruity paradise]

Panel 9:

Tianyi: “We hope you’re all fired up! Tianyi will be joining forces with Mirinda at BML, and are preparing a really nice surprise for everyone! Please look forward to it!”

Panel 10:


Can you guess what Tianyi and the litchi are discussing?”

Past Collaborations

This of course isn’t the first time that Vsinger has collaborated with Mirinda. See below for their past projects together!


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