Bilibili Macro Link VR 2019 Merchandise Revealed

Bilibili Macro Link 2019 is less than a month away, and now we get to see the merch that the lucky attendees will be able to purchase! The event organizers collaborated with the companies behind each of the virtual performers for the BML VR show to bring fans these goods. Check them out below!

BML-VR x Luo Tianyi Gift Set: ¥400 RMB

BML-VR x Hatsune Miku Gift Set: ¥400 RMB

Stereoscopic Paper Lamps (3 kinds): ¥299 RMB each

Can Badge: ¥20 RMB each

All images come from the Weibo announcement here.

Bilibili Macro Link will take place from July 19 through July 21 at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena. See our previous coverage for performer info and new Vsinger goods!

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