GUMI’s 10th Anniversary Collaboration Album “¡Felices diez años, Gumi!” Now Available for Download.

This article is a translation of the original version on Paraiso Vocaloid by DJ Kurono, which you can find here. Translation was provided by eyehateP.

A few months ago, Lorenly made an announcement on her Facebook page inviting various artists within the Hispanic VOCALOID fandom to be a part of the creation of an LP or EP, all in celebration of Megpoid GUMI’s 10th anniversary!

Thanks to this, they managed to put together a 13-song album called “¡Felices diez años, Gumi! / Happy 10th Anniversary, GUMI!” which is available as a free download through this link!


1. “Romance” by DJ ARVE ft. Lorenly

2. “For Those People” by CATTS

3. “La danza de la reina Amira” by Ezequiel Casas

4. “Eres mi milagro” by Chomuske’s Pathetic Orchestra

5. “Teleférico” by Lorenly

6. “Starburst” by Marvin Valentin

7. “ヨLヨロNロR” by Epta Beta

8. “Showbiz” by Ezequiel Casas

9. “Devil Drive” by eyehateP

10. “Mi Mayor Tesoro” by Chomuske’s Pathetic Orchestra

11. “Cedro” by Subliminal Sound Engine

12. “Fly away” by Fleur Du Vent

13. “Harawikunaq wasin” by Lorenly

Brief History

At first, the total number of tracks for this project wasn’t expected to be this much. But so many producers, musicians, illustrators and voice tuners answered Lorenly’s call that the album went from being an EP to an LP, with a total of 12 original songs.

In addition, a new logo for what would later be the collaborative project “VocaloP Hispanos Colaboraciones” was revealed. The following is the video premiere of the new collaboration from its Facebook page.

A few weeks later and near the album’s release date, an update was made adding one more song, making for a grand total of 13.

The languages of several song from the album were revealed. What’s interesting to note is that although this is an Hispanic VOCALOID community collaboration and most of the songs are in Spanish, there are also English and even Quechua songs, which gives it much more diversity.

Participating Artists

Besides the songs, the album download also features a brief bio for each participating artist, even one that didn’t explicitly participate but did have one of his illustrations used.

You can access these bios by clicking on their respective Facebook posts, which include music producers, illustrators and voice tuners.

Music Producers


Voice Tuners

We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do, and don’t forget to follow the project’s social media for future news and more information!

VocaloP Hispanos Colaboraciones Facebook page
VocaloP Hispanos Colaboraciones Twitter account
VocaloP Hispanos Colaboraciones Soundcloud account

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