GUMI’s 10th Anniversary Page Open, Song Contest Announced

It is now June 26, 2019, which is GUMI’s 10th anniversary! Now open is her official Megpoid 2019 anniversary page looking back on her product history, videos featuring her on Niconico, her recent 10th anniversary music releases, and more. There are also lots of new content and announcements that we will outline below!

Message from Megumi Nakajima

Now on YouTube is a message from GUMI’s voice provider, Megumi Nakajima, thanking fans for ten years of music, illustrations, and more for GUMI, not just from Japan, but from around the world. She then expresses how she looks forward to continued support for GUMI well into her second decade with us as well!

Game Collaborations

Starting today, we get two new arcade game collaborations with GUMI from Konami!

The first is with Sound Voltex Vivid Wave, where a birthday party for GUMI featuring two of her songs is now taking place. The songs are “ラクガキスト / Rakugakist” by cosMo, and 十面相 / Juu Mensou (Ten-Faced) by YM!

Another collaboration is also taking place in NOSTALGIA, where the “GUMI 10th Anniversary Island” is now available! In this mode, players can collect stamps to unlock three songs:
1. 幻想系世界修復少女 / Gensoukei Sekai Shuufuku Shoujo (Fantasy World Repair Girl) by Last Note.
2. バンブーソード・ガール / Bamboo Sword Girl by cosMo
3. Idola by iconoclasm

These songs will be available until July 11 at 5:00 AM (JST).

10th Anniversary Goods

The first round of GUMI 10th anniversary collaboration goods with GraffArt is now open at select stores, and the second round will be starting on July 6! For more information, see our previous reports on the first round here, and on the second round here.

Song Contest

Finally, the GUMI 10th Anniversary song contest is being held on VOCALOTRACKS! From now until July 29 at 3:00 PM (JST), they will be accepting original GUMI song entries, and the winners will be distributed on a variety of music services.

Song entries can use any of the following GUMI voice banks:

・VOCALOID3/4 Megpoid Native
・VOCALOID3/4 Megpoid Adult
・VOCALOID3/4 Megpoid Power
・VOCALOID3/4 Megpoid Sweet
・VOCALOID3/4 Megpoid Whisper
・VOCALOID3 Megpoid English
・VOCALOID2 Megpoid
・Megpoid Native or Megpoid English for Mobile VOCALOID Editor
・VY series voice banks

The songs can be of any genre, provided that they are original songs that do not infringe on any copyright laws. Up to 2 entries can be made by each entrant, and all parties involved in making the songs must agree to its entry into the contest.

Songs must be submitted in .wav / 16bit, 44.1kHz, STEREO format with file size no larger than 65MB (about 6 minutes long). Lyrics must also be submitted in .txt format. Also required are thumbnail images and photos of the artists in .jpg format, 2500×2500 pixels in size and 1:1 aspect ratio. Finally, song titles and the names of each artist involved in their creation must be submitted as well.

Those interested in entering the contest can login to VOCALOTRACKS here and upload their entries.


These, of course, are just the official celebrations for GUMI’s 10th Anniversary. There are countless other fan-created celebrations going on for her, such as the VocaClub R Plan club event, the release of the “¡Felices diez años, Gumi!” album, and much more! We hope GUMI fans the world over will enjoy this very special day!

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