Cangqiong’s Third Demo Song Uploaded

The third demo song for Cangqiong has been uploaded online! It’s a cover of 涟漪 / Liányī (Ripple), which was originally sung by Stardust. But Cangqiong’s breathtaking Synthesizer V voice makes it sound like a whole new song experience!

Listen to it here on Bilibili

**UPDATE ON JUNE 30, 2019**
Now available on Stardust’s official YouTube channel as well!

Furthermore, Cangqiong’s product page is now up, and you can pre-order her at a discounted price of ¥500 RMB (regular price will be ¥680 RMB)! So if her demo song has impressed you enough, then what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned as the latest Synthesizer V voice bank from Quadimension is released. Also see below for Cangqiong’s past demo songs!

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