Otomachi Una 3rd Anniversary Song & Illustration Contest Results

The results are in for the Otomachi Una 3rd Anniversary Image Song and Illustration contests to determine the works that will be used in the collaboration with Tenhama!

Song Contest Results

The creators of the following three winning entries will receive an autograph from Aimi Tanaka, a ¥20,000 Amazon gift card, original goods, and a free day ticket for the collaboration Tenhama train. Their songs will be revealed at a later date when they are ready for distribution, but for now, we can learn their titles!

“Follow Your Way!!” by らぷ / Rapu

” なんでもない日 / Nandemo Nai Hi” by ぺー / Pee

” いろはのりずむ / Iroha no Rhythm” by あらたまいこ / Artmaiko

Illustration Contest Results

Here are the winning illustrations and what the judge, さいとうなおき / Naoki Saito, had to say about them!

Title: しゅっぱつしんこー! / Shuppatsu Shinko! (Depart and Forward!)
Artist: こゆちな / Koyuchina

“This illustration is overflowing with a fun mood to it! Whether it’s making bento, sightseeing, or taking pictures, they look like they’re having so much fun! It makes one want to hop on a train and go traveling somewhere! There sure are a lot of footprints, but I wonder who they belong to.”
– さいとうなおき / Naoki Saito

Title: ワンダーエクスプレス / Wonder Express
Artist: ゲソきんぐ / Gesoking

“This piece looks almost transparent, and oh so beautiful! I can tell that they’re having fun by their facial expressions, to the point that it makes me happy looking at them. Even the road with colorful drawings that they’re walking on seems to go on and on forever!”

– さいとうなおき / Naoki Saito

Title: どこにいこうかな? / Doko ni Ikou kana? (Where Should We Go?)
Artist: かつお / Katsuo

“That’s one hungry Una-chan and Otaman! This piece is brimming with liveliness and activity! And with all the ramen, eel dishes, and fruits, it must be hard to decide what to eat♪ The Otaman hat looks especially like it’s in a daze and not saying a word. I wonder what it’s dreaming of eating.”
– さいとうなおき / Naoki Saito

You can see more entries here.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we can’t wait to see your works get made into ticket and cart design, promotional music, and more!

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