Megurine Luka 10th Anniversary Fan Event “Kagayaku Mirai” DJs and VJs Revealed

The Magurine Luka 10th anniversary DJ concert, “カガヤクミライ / Kagayaku Mirai,” announced some major updates today. In the below tweet, they announce the rest of the performing DJs and VJs who will be at the fan event, in addition to keisei and Luka herself!

The announcement also revealed that famed cosplayer, 加藤れあ / Kato Rea, will be present and in a handmade Luka cosplay outfit, and they encourage others to come in cosplay as well for a special discount!

Here’s a recap of the event info:



Main Visual

鉱 花崗 / Mikagen

Date & Time

August 11, 2019 at 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM (JST)

Special Guest DJ

DJ Megurine Luka
DJ keisei

Pickup DJ

DJ プレフ / Plef
DJ にーご / Ni_Go
DJ カルピス割り / Calpis Wari
DJ 仕立屋テル / Shitateya Teru
DJ 豚★豚 / Ton★Ton
DJ Rin*

Pickup VJ

VJ 亜憐 / Aren
VJ ゆっき~ / Yukki~

Cosplay Staff

加藤れあ / Kato Rea

Admission Fee

At door: ¥3,000 JPY
Advanced booking: ¥2,500 JPY

Bring a glowstick and/or come in cosplay to get a ¥500 JPY discount


Osaka Namba MILULARI

And below, you can find some tweets from the performers about how excited they are! You can follow Kagayaku Mirai’s official Twitter page here and search the hashtag #カガミラ to see more, and those interested in signing up can do so on their official Twinvite page here!

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