Website for Chihiro Ishiguro’s New Company “Chihilab!” Now Open

Fans of Yuzuki Yukari and her voice provider, Chihiro Ishiguro, were greeted with a very surprising announcement in the past day about the famed voice actress’s career. It all started with a letter that she penned to all her fans.

In the letter, she announced that as of June 30, 2019, she has parted ways with her talent agency, Office Anemone, and would now pursue personal interests under her own newly formed company “Chihilab!” The decision came from the realization that next year will be the tenth year since she began her career as a voice actress, and she has since looked back to learn that she found greater fulfillment through making her Let’s-Play video series, and through her activities with Yukari.

Thus, she expressed these sentiments to the president of Office Anemone, who was greatly supportive of her decision. Carrying with her all that she has learned under their wing, Ishiguro has now established Chihilab!, where she will be taking on new challenges like VOCALOID song-writing, video creation, event-planning, and much more that she and her fans can enjoy together. In the closing remarks of her letter, she asks that her fans continue to support her in her new life journey

And the reactions from her fans and supporters couldn’t be more beautiful.

“Starting your own company… that’s so amazing!
If anyone can create even more sparkling experiences, I know you can, Chi-chan✨ You have my support in this first step of your new journey!”

Amiko Sakuragi

“The honorable and beloved Chihiro Ishiguro-san has started her own company💖Congratulations! And I hear she’ll be doing sooooo much more new stuff! I’ll look forward to it! Always! I’ll support you! ALWAYS!!!”
Misaki Kamata

Chi-chan✿✿Congratulations on your new endeavor✨As a fan and respectful senpai, I could never not support you, my beloved Chi-chan, on this first of many steps on your new journey!!”
Maru Ayasato

“Congratulations on your newfound independence, Chihiro Ishiguro-san. Though there’s only so much I can do, know now that both as an individual, and as the head of AHS, I will support you with all my might!”
Tomohide Ogata, President and CEO of AHS Co. Ltd.

“I could never stop supporting you…!”
ペテン師 / Peten-shi

“From the bottom of my heart, I support Chi-chan-senpai in her departure from Anenome, and spreading her wings towards all her new endeavors.”
Hikaru Ueda

Chihiro Ishiguro-san. Congratulations on your newfound independence. I wish for you to utilize all that you have experienced up to now, and advance towards your new life developments. We all support you (^ ^)♪
カノウシン / Kanoushin

“Chihiro Ishiguro-san, congratulations on establishing Chihilab! Also, we at VOCALOMAKETS are very grateful to Office Anemone. We pray that both companies will continue to prosper more and more from now on.”

Chihilab! Website

The official website for the newly established Chihilab! can be found here.

Upon opening it, visitors to the site are greeted to a lovely illustration of Ishiguro with Yukari by the latter’s official artist, Juu Ayakura!

“Ishiguro-san, congratulations on your newfound independence! It’s a great honor to draw the illustration for your new homepage.”
– Juu Ayakura

And right on the website’s News page, there are already two brand new original songs featuring both Ishiguro and Yukari!

Song title: I hate You
Vocals: Chihiro Ishiguro, Yuzuki Yukari
Music, Lyrics: 大久保高嶺 / Takane Ohkubo
Illustrations: zoruboi

Song title: きらきら☆急上昇↑ / Kirakira☆Kyuujoushou↑ (Sparking☆Sudden Rise↑)
Vocals: Chihiro Ishiguro, Yuzuki Yukari
Chorus: Kizuna Akari
Music: ちょむP / ChomP
Movie: 鈴木かに美 / Suzuki Kani Mi
Illustration: 渡辺浩彰 / Watanabe Hiroaki

Needless to say, Chihilab! has hit the ground running, already giving us two original songs upon starting up!

We at VocaSphere wish Chihiro Ishiguro all the best in this brand new undertaking. To keep up with and show your support for her and Chihilab!, follow her official Twitter account and continue to follow the website for more developments!

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