SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Today, July 2, 2019, marks the 10th anniversary of the Hatsune Miku Project DIVA video game series from SEGA! Here’s an overview of the celebrations going on today.

Hatsune Miku VR Future Live

First, in Hatsune Miku VR Future Live, the price for all game content is now 50% off! So if you had something that you’ve been eyeing, but was too expensive for you to buy, now is the best chance to consider a purchase!

DAIBA de DIVA Concert

Secondly, the previously reported DAIBA de DIVA SUPER LIVE 2019 concert event will be taking place today at the Tokyo Joypolis! You can find its official site here. To whomever was able to score a ticket, we wish you have the best time possible!

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA 39’s

Right as the clock struck 12:00 on July 2 in Japan, SEGA has uploaded this very special anniversary announcement video:

That’a right, they have announced the first ever Nintendo Switch installment of the series called Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA 39’s (read as “MEGA MIX”)!

Game Features

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA 39’s will feature a total of 101 different songs, one of which will be an original one that serves as the theme song for this game.

In all, this installment will have 10 brand new songs making their debut to the series, two of which have been revealed below:

エイリアンエイリアン / Alien Alien by ナユタン星人 / Nayutalien

39みゅーじっく! / 39 Music! by みきとP / MikitoP

The game will also bring back a lot of the modules and costumes from series past, featuring 300 in total. In fact, the modules were given a touch-up for this game to appear more anime-like in their PVs, giving this installment its own graphics style that hasn’t been seen in the series up to now!

Finally, being a Switch title, the game can be played either with buttons presses, or with screen taps like Project Mirai Deluxe had.

As for why it’s called MEGA 39’s, the July 4 issue of the Weekly Famitsu magazine will reportedly contain the reason.

T-shirt Design Contest

Furthermore, the T-shirt design contest on piapro is making a comeback! The winner of the contest will see their T-shirt design featured in the MEGA 39’s game, see their appear in the game’s credits roll, and even get a copy of the game for free! The contest will begin on July 5, and end on August 15.

Demo at Magical Mirai 2019

Next, it has been confirmed that Hatsune Miku Projet DIVA MEGA 39’s will have a playable demo at SEGA’s booth at the Tokyo stop of Magical Mirai 2019! Members from the dev team at SEGA AM2 will be present to get visitor feedback on the demo as well.

Project DIVA Future Tone Rewards

Finally, those who own the Playstation 4 game, Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone or Future Tone DX can receive the new songs in MEGA 39’s as a download pack in 2020!

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA 39’s is sheculed for release sometime in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. See here for the official site.

Follow the SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project official Twitter here for all updates!

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