Two New Stops for the “Project Holo” Tour in Poland

Project Holo has revealed two new stops for their tour in Poland: one at Mochicon in Rybnik, and then another one during the “Weekend with Japan – Ikigai” event in Rzeszów. Readers may remember Project Holo in our previous publication about them.

Right now, there isn’t much info about either of the concerts, but what has been confirmed is that the Mochicon fan concert is going to be performed on July 13 at 10:00 PM (CET) in main scene.

Those who are interested may buy tickets here.

Location: Technical Education School Complex n.1 in Rybnik, Poland

Moreover, there is going to be another, earlier stop of the fan-organised event during Ikigai in Rzeszów. There is less than one week left before the short concert, and the organizer said that he encourages any kind of VOCALOID / UTAU fans to join him and to have a little talk after the show. Also, this concert is completely free, so if you’re from Poland and are still hesitant about attending, here’s your chance!

Location: Youth Culture Center in Rzeszów, Poland

Project Holo is interested in Polish/European creators, so if you know anybody whose work would look great when performed onstage, make sure to contact them and help make this dream come true!

And here comes a little reminder about Project Holo. They are a group of fans focused on creating and organizing fanmade VOCALOID concerts in Europe. Currently, they operate only in Poland, but considering their growth in the past months, and how these two new stops will make four total shows, it’s likely that the group will try to expand its horizons even further.

Let’s wish them good luck!

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