Hatsune Miku 12th Anniversary Fair at Animate and Movic Announced

August 31, 2019 will mark Hatsune Miku’s 12th anniversary! To celebrate, Animate and Movic will be selling new collaboration based on five very different illustrations from August 9 through September 1 at participating stores.

Original Illustrations

Sweets-themed illustration by 佐倉おりこ / Sakura Oriko

Space police-themed illustration by つるしまたつみ / Tsurushima Tatsumi

China marching band-themed illustration by 猫魚 / Nekosakana

Monster-themed illustration by まご / Mago

Miku Birthday illustration by 岩十 / Iwato


※All prices are before-tax

A4 Clear File Folder (4 kinds): ¥350 JPY each

Acrylic Stands (6 kinds): ¥1,500 JPY each

Can Badge (12 kinds, holographic): ¥600 JPY each

Acrylic Keychain (6 kinds): ¥650 JPY each

Rubber Strap Collection (6 kinds): ¥600 JPY each

Flat Pouch: ¥1,500 JPY

Canvas Board (comes with 1 easel): ¥4,000 JPY

For everyone ¥1,000 JPY that customers spend on the goods, they will get one of five different illustrated postcards for free!

See here for the Animate page.

See here for the Movic page.

Info source: Hatsune Miku Official Blog

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