Japanese Man Reacts to Hatsune Miku Videos and It’s Amazing

One would think that anyone from Japan would be very familiar with the twin tailed virtual singer Hatsune Miku by now. She seems to exist on every level of Japanese pop culture from live concerts, commercials, products, and having her face all over Sapporo every February. While folks in the west can avoid Miku a bit more easily, you’d think most people in Japan would be rather familiar with Miku and already have their opinions on her.

Well meet Young Student Mako on Youtube. Much like many other students, he put Spotify on while studying and let it run free. Until then, he hadn’t really heard anything from Miku. But Spotify decided he needed more of her in his life.

In his first reaction video, he admits to only knowing a limited list of songs.

I basically only know Romeo and Cinderella, World End Dancehall, The world is Mine, Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, Aikotoba, Sinbonzakura [sic] Ray …. and some songs from Mikunopolis 2014.

Since he has some free time and is interested in Miku, Mako figured he’d ask Miku fans for recommendations on what music videos he should watch. And people are definitely all for sharing their favorite Miku songs with Mako!

His newest reaction video is a reaction to Time Machine where the fandom has finally got him on the feels train. (Note there is some strong language)

When the video starts, he states that he hopes the song doesn’t touch too many feelings or else he might cry. Welcome to the VOCALOID fandom, Mako. Where there’s enough feels to make everyone cry. There’s at least one feels punching song for everyone.

Mako has also reacted to other songs that are a lot brighter such as Lucky☆Orb, which he absolutely loves.

He says it should be played in the 2020 Olympics. Someone who’s just entered the fandom thinks Miku should sing in the Olympics. Clearly it must be done.

You can find more of Mako on his Youtube channel where he uploads reaction videos rather frequently. You can also follow him on Twitter. Be sure to suggest your favorite VOCALOID songs to him and check out his other reaction videos!

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