Luo Tianyi x Dico’s Collaboration Announced

A new collaboration between Luo Tianyi and fast food chain Dicos has been revealed! Below is a new song and Dicos model for Tianyi as revealed on the official Dicos Weibo.

Video source:

**UPDATE ON JULY 8, 2019**
The full song and video is now available on Bilibili!

Title: Perfect Day
Lyrics: 果汁凉菜 / Guǒzhī Liángcài
Music: Bitman比特曼 
Tuning: 动点P / DòngdiǎnP
Character design: TID
Choreography: ogata-姚子 
Model: Kinsama今天还是很白痴, 石英世界 / Shíyīng Shìjiè
Background setting: 溯北P Title: Perfect Day
Motion& Camera: 小怪兽粉刷月球 / Xiǎo Guàishòu Fěnshuā Yuèqiú
Rendering: Shaw钊钊
Supervision: 卑微的蝼蚁曦歪 / Bēiwéi de Lóuyǐ Xīwāi

Watch the full video here!

Here are also some promotional displays for Dicos food items that can now be seen in restaurant locations.


But Tianyi is doing more than just promoting food (again); she and Dicos are holding a special collaboration campaign that customers and fans can get in on! You can click here to access and get started on the campaign online:

First, click on the message that you get from Tianyi

Click on the big pink button (登录) to begin.

Click the red button (授权) to enable the game to run.

Tianyi then tells us her two birthday wishes:
1) Put on her new sports uniform and record her new song and music video
2) Appear on the giant screens of the Shanghai Metro City globe to get more people knowing about her.
Click the bottom green button to help her achieve her birthday wishes!

By purchasing a chicken pistol leg sandwich at Dicos, customers can get a free Tianyi postcard, as well as participate in the campaign to grant Tianyi’s birthday wish. On the following page, click the right button (获取助威码) to receive a promotional code.

1. Scan the QR code on the back of the postcard to enter the campaign page

2. Enter the promotional code, then take a picture of the postcard and upload it to show Tianyi your support (each user can do this multiple times, but each code can only be used once)

3. When you are finished, you will be entered into a lottery, for which they will be able to see the winners (those who are selected must fill in their requested information before July 22 or be disqualified)

After entering your code and uploading a picture of the postcard, you can see Tianyi’s top supporters. What would you do to get your name there?

Will Tianyi’s birthday wish come true? Stay tuned as the collaboration develops and more information is revealed! Below, you can find photos of the collaboration material and scenes taken by customers!

Below photos taken by Monolith·Oasis on Weibo

Below photos taken by 洛天依小投酱 on Weibo

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