Official IA Merchandise During Anime Expo and Anime Midwest 2019

IA World Page has revealed quite a bit of news: IA’s official merchandise is going to be available during Anime Expo at Booth #4715!

There is no performance confirmed, but there will still be quite a variety of products that visitors will be able to acquire. You can check details for the catalog below:

ARIA Original Soundtrack (with special booklet): $ 35

IA/ONE Full Graphic Tee (4 kinds in total, XL size available only): $ 45 each

Acrylic Keyholders (10 kinds, inspired by songs from ARIA performance): $ 7 each

Acrylic Keyholder (USA ver.): $ 8

Acrylic Figure (ARIA flower dress ver.): $ 15

Metal Badge (7 kinds, inspired by outfits from ARIA performance): $ 5 each

ARIA Poster (2 kinds): $ 10 each

Metal Badge (2 set, DJ ver.): $ 8

IA LIVE Muffer Towel: $ 25

A4 Clear File Folder (2 kinds): $ 5 for each

IA Plushie: $ 30

IA Tee (Inspired by song “Higher“; M/L/XL sizes available): $ 35

Moreover, IA and Lia are going to be present during the Anime Midwest event!

What’s new in the Anime Midwest catalog?

ONE Metal Badge (Featuring ONEgai Darling outfit by Shidu: $ 3

IA Graphic Tee (Euphoria ver.): $ 48

In addition to, 1st PLACE has revealed schedule of IA and Lia:

IA’s film concert:
July 6 (Saturday), 2019
11:30am @ Grand Stage

Lia’s live concert:
July 7 (Sunday), 2019
2:00pm @ Grand Stage

Are you excited already?

That’s all we know as of now, but there may to be more info to come. Anime Expo just started and Anime Midwest is going to be held this weekend, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for new IA announcements during both events!

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