Miku’s Mirai Music Party Fan Event to Take Place On August 3

This August, the concerts at Magical Mirai 2019 won’t be the only Miku concerts going on. While not of the same scale, the fanmade Miku’s Mirai Music Party will be taking place in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, serving as a reminder that one doesn’t have to live in the Tokyo or Osaka areas to enjoy local VOCALOID concerts and fan events.

About Miku’s Mirai Music Party

Date: August 3

Entry fee: FREE!

Location: City Hall Plaza Aore Nagaoka

Miku’s Mirai Music Party is a 100% fanmade VOCALOID music concert event that will take place as part of the Nagaoka High School Festival 2019. Their debut show took place on August 3 in 2018 at the same festival, which you can see below.

But they didn’t rest on their laurels all this time. The following month, they immediately began recruiting members to make their next show bigger and better. At the time, their group was made up of only 4 high school girls, and they were looking for people who can draw illustrations, use MMD, and of course people who love Miku!

In December, 2018, they revealed the brand new design for Miku by なぐも / Nagumo that would serve as the main visual for the event. The design is meant to be a combination of a school uniform with a distinctly Eastern vibe.

To promote their next concert, the team attended events like the Niigata Comic Market, Niconico Cho Kaigi, and VOC@LOID M@STER where they had booths to hand out pamphlets and flyers for their concert, as well as stickers and postcards of their original Miku design to drum up excitement.

And now it looks like all their hard work will soon pay off. Below, you can see the official trailer for Miku’s Mirai Music Party 2019!

In the trailer, we see Miku in her new design, plus Kagamine Rin and Len confirmed as well. The trailer also reveals that they will be using models by YYB along with effects by 三好屋 / Miyoshiya and まゆたまP / MayutamaP, and the song used in the trailer is Twinkle World by 八王子P / HachiojiP

What will the second Miku’s Mirai Music Party ultimately be like? You can follow the team on their official Twitter account and search the hashtag #みみみぱーてぃー to keep up on what they do. They truly exemplify the spirit of VOCALOID fans in their endeavors, and deserves everyone’s support!

**UPDATE ON AUGUST 3, 2019**

The concert has concluded, and it was livestreamed on the Miku’s Mirai Music Party Twitter account for anyone to watch or re-watch!


太陽系デスコ / Taiyoukei Disco by ナユタン星人 / Nayutalien

リバーシブル・キャンペーン / Reversible Campaign by DECO*27

Fire◎Flower by halyosy

メランコリック / Melancholic by Junky

私、アイドル宣言 / Watashi, Idol Sengen by Honeyworks

千本桜 / Senbonzakura by 黒うさP/ KurousaP

シャルル / Charles by バルーン / Balloon

メルト / Melt by ryo


Now available on YouTube and Niconico!

**UPDATE ON September 16, 2019**

There will be another Miku’s Mirai Music Party at next year’s Nagaoka High School Festa, and the organizers are taking song requests!

Send the name of the song that you would like to see Miku perform, and its producer’s name to their Marshmallow page below by September 30, and 2 requested songs will be selected for the show!


Please keep in mind that it must be a Miku song. Furthermore, depending on what the organizers decide, Miku may or may not dance to the song on stage. Finally, although there’s no particularly preferred theme for the songs, they would like you to suggest a song that can get audiences fired up during live concerts.

Any questions can be directed to their official Twitter account, or asked on Marshmallow.

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