Sakura Miku x Hirosaki Neputa Festival Collaboration Announced

Fans may remember how Sakura Miku was selected to become the promotional character for the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival.

This summer, Sakura Miku is returning to Hirosaki to promote the Hirosaki Neputa Festival! Just like last time, various artwork from famous artists will serve as the promotional and merchandise material for the event.

From iXima:

From 木屋町 / Kiyamachi

From なじょ / Nazyo

From nekosumi

The event will be held from August 1 to August 7. These illustrations will be used for a variety of projects, such as poster-making, a stamp rally, and more that will be announced soon!

**UPDATE ON JULY 8, 2019**
An article in the Hirosaki Tourism & Convention Bureau lays out a timetable of events for the collaboration during the Neputa Festival.

From the middle of July to August 7:
・Put up Neputa Festival tanzaku posters
・Put up festival ornaments

From July 27 to August 12
・Hold the stamp rally. The prize will be a Sakura Miku Neputa Ver. postcard

From July 27 to the end of the Cherry Blossom Festival
・The Sakura Miku Taxi will be in service, run by Hokusei Kotsu Co., Ltd.
・A train with Sakura Miku decal will be in service along the Konan Railway Owani Line
・Open the Sakura Miku Museum at the Hirosaki Machinaka Information Center

From August 1 to August 7
・Hold the Sakura Miku Lantern Contest
・From the 1st to 4th along the Dotemachi Course
・From the 5th to 6th along the Ekimae Course
・On the 7th along the Nanuka Dotemachi Course

From August 1 to August 12
・Sell official goods

From August 30 through September 1
・Open a display at Magical Mirai 2019

We also get to see the panel display with Sakura Miku and Hirosaki mascot character, Takamaru-kun! The panel is on display at the Hirosaki Machinaka Information Center, the Hirosaki City Museum, and the Hirosaki Apple Park where visitors will be free to come and take pictures with them.


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