Hatsune Miku Returning to Jikkyou Powerful Soccer

Followers of our Facebook page may remember the Hatsune Miku collaboration with Jikkyou Powerful Soccer from last year.

Today, the game’s Twitter account has announced that the Miku collab content will be returning to the game! Like before, you can play in the new “Miku Miku Stadium” event and earn sound shards to unlock gifts from Miku You’ll even be treated to the original song “未完成ファンタジスタ / ” Mikansei Fantasista” as BGM!

Manager Miku and Striker Miku are making their return as well. By growing closer to Manager Miku in the game’s Success Mode, you’ll be treated to the song ” 青春アーカイブ / Seishun Archive” during the epilogue!

Credits for both songs:

Lyrics: タマリンP / TamarinP from Konami
Music: 杉下トキヤ / Sugishita Tokiya, KanadeYUK
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

You can download Jikkyou Powerful Soccer on the App Store here and on Google Play here.

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