300 Glamorous Heroes 2.0 Enters Open Beta, Celebrates YANHE’s 6th Anniversary

Today, July 11, the hit Chinese MOBA game, 300 Glamorous Heroes, entered its open beta testing phase for ver. 2.0. What should excite fans of VOCALOID is the amount of representation that the four Vsinger characters in the game will be getting in the update.


The trailer reveals a new Tianyi unit, and suggests that she will play a prominent role in the game’s new story. It then goes on to reveal gameplay for YANHE’s new unit as well, plus other exciting game features and events.

Trailer source: https://weibo.com/6475288124/HCSFhcYNm

YANHE Introduction

And it’s no coincidence that July 11, 2019 also happens to be YANHE’s 6th anniversary! To celebrate, she has been added to the game, joining Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, and Mo Qingxian. Like the others, she was given an introduction video explaining her abilities.

Watch here for the full video.

Collaboration Song

Finally, one of two new YANHE songs debuts today as the official collaboration song with 300 Glamorous Heroes, and with a beautiful PV to boot.

Title: 水平线的彼端 / Shuǐpíngxiàn de Bǐduān (Other Side of the Horizon)
Music: Litterzy
Lyrics: 冥凰 / Mínghuáng
Tuning: OQQ_
Cover illustration, character design: TID
PV illustrations: Catcan, Ratto
PV animator: 小M呜喵王 / XiǎoM Wūmiāowáng

Full available here on Bilibili

You can also find the song up for download here on NetEase Music.

The official site for 300 Glamorous Heroes can be found here, and its official Weibo page can be found here, where there are even more trailers and videos for the new update.

The game can be downloaded for iOS devices and for TapTap.


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