YANHE’s 6th Anniversary Song 自我主张崇拜 Now Online

During YANHE’s 6th anniversary livestream, the birthday girl performed a brand new song for her fans to enjoy. For those who couldn’t catch the livestream, the song and video are now available on Bilibili!

Watch the full video here:

Title: 自我主张崇拜 / Zìwǒ Zhǔzhāng Chóngbài (Self Adoration)
Music, lyrics: 初心社米库喵 / Mikunya
Tuning: 周小蚕 / infeeee
Mixing: Digifan Nanjing
Supervision: 人形兎 / Rosary

The video is also available through this Weibo post. In fact, those who share the post and tag a friend can be chosen as one of three winners to receive a full set of YANHE 2019 birthday merch, which you can review here!

For details on the other new birthday song that was revealed today, see here!

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