IA & ONE Albums Now on LINE Music

1st Place has released much of their past catalog of IA & ONE albums on LINE Music for fans to download and enjoy on the service!

IA Albums

Link: https://music.line.me/artist/mi000000000ef36397/album

1) きみはひとりなんかじゃないよ / Kimi wa Hitori Nanka Janai yo (You Are Not Alone)
2) IA/04 -STAR-
3) IA/03 -VISION-
5) IA/02 -COLOR-
6) IA/01 -BIRTH-

ONE Albums

Link: https://music.line.me/artist/mi000000000ef3638a

1) ONE/01 -BLOOM-

IA & ONE Albums

Link: https://music.line.me/artist/mi000000000ef36392/album

1) 祭・祭・祭[MA・TSU・RI]
2) Reload / Into Starlight

We can always use more IA and ONE in our ears, so here’s to the day when their albums can be available on every music service around!

Find links to the rest of 1st Place’s catalog of albums now on LINE Music.

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