New Birthday Song for Luo Tianyi “Starlight”

It is now July 12, making it Luo Tianyi’s 7th anniversary today! To kick off the celebrations, she brings us our first surprise of the day: a brand new song and video uploaded to her Bilibili channel, and it looks absolutely stellar… literally!

Watch the full video here!

Title: Starlight
Lyrics: PoKeR, K_Lacid
Music, arrangement, mixing: PoKeR
Tuning: 棉发要改ID / Miánfā Yào Gǎi ID
Character design: TID
Model: Kinsama今天还是很白痴
Scenery: Licht
Animation: 小怪兽 / Xiǎo Guàishòu
Rendering: LieP9
Supervision: 卑微的蝼蚁曦歪 / Bēiwéi de Lóuyǐ Xīwāi

Tianyi promises more surprises before her big birthday party begins, so stay tuned for more as Tianyi’s 7th anniversary continues!


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