Otomachi Una x Tenhama Collaboration Train “Unapippigo” To Begin Service 7/27

It has been announced that the Otomachi Una collaboration train with the Tenryu Hamanako Railroad, the Unapippigo, will begin its runs starting on Saturday, July 27!


Service commencement location: Tenryu Futamata Station

10:00 AM
Doors open

11:00 AM
Special program “MTK presents 音街ウナ出発進行!” (MTK presents Otomachi Una’s Departure Run!) airs live on K-mix

11:30 AM
Train gets on the Tenryu Futamata Station Platform 3 rails

11:50 AM
Commencement ceremony

12:17 PM
Train departs

12:55 PM
Broadcast of “MTK presents 音街ウナ出発進行!” ends

1:08 PM
Return to Tenryu Futamata Station


Aimi Tanaka, Una’s voice provider
Naoki Saito, illustrator of the main promotional visual and train decal design
Hitomi Kubo, TV personality and native of Hamamatsu
Masahiro Yoshikawa, member of comedy duo Darling Honey


The first 300 guests to attend the commencement ceremony will receive a ticket to the ceremony, and a set of goods containing some mineral water, an uchiwa fan, and umaibo stick, all bearing official illustrations.

Among them, the first 40 guests to attend will receive a free boarding ticket for the Unapippigo.

Stay tuned as more news and likely photos and videos of the Unapipiggo in operation come to light!

Official information site: https://otomachiuna.jp/2019/07/12/syuppatusiki/


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