Luo Tianyi 2019 Birthday Roundup

Each year, Luo Tianyi’s anniversaries on July 12 are always a big deal with new songs, exciting announcements, birthday parties that fans can participate in, and more. 2019 proved to be no different! Here’s an roundup of what fans were able to enjoy this year for the Vsinger’s 7th anniversary.

New Song “Starlight”

The theme song to Tianyi’s 7th anniversary was revealed early on to be Starlight by PoKeR! With a beautiful new outfit and Tianyi with her playful dancing, the song is sure to be another crowd-pleaser at concerts.

Be sure to listen to the song here on Bilibili, and read up about it here in our previous report.

“If Tianyi Shrunk” Birthday Video

A rather unexpected but cute video called “如果天依变小了(If Tianyi Shrunk)” was uploaded next on her official Bilibili channel. In this video, Tianyi wakes up one morning to find herself tiny! It then shows how she spends the day with Mr. V in her smaller form, and how she eventually returns to normal.

The whole video can be watched here. In it, we’re treated to another rendition of Starlight, as well as another new song that was entirely in Japanese.

New Original Japanese Song “Pink Blue”

In fact, Tianyi’s official Twitter account – which caters to a Japanese audience – was dropping hints about the new song just the day prior to her 7th anniversary. She teased that she would sing it during her birthday party.

Then on her birthday, Tianyi’s Twitter reveals the credits for the song: Takeshi Ueda composing the music, and Seiko Oomori writing the lyrics. She then later revealed during her birthday concert that the song is called “Pink Blue,” and will be performed at this year’s Bilibili Macro Link VR concert! Now there’s something to get fans excited for! Stay tuned as more information on the song and its full release are revealed.

**UPDATE ON JULY 14, 2019**
According to PANORA, the one responsible for VOCALOID tuning for “Pink Blue” is 虹原ぺぺろん / Nijihara Peperon!

Gashapon Figures from ACTOYS

Towards the end of the “If Tianyi Shrunk” video, you may have noticed some adorable little Tianyi gashapon figures. These six figures are actually now available for pre-order from ACTOYS!

Product page:

Price: ¥354 RMB
Release: September 2019
Size: about 6 cm in height
Manufacturer: Emontoys
Artist: Haku白
Painter: 谷本裕人 / Hiroto Tanimoto
Pre-order bonus: colored paper set

They feature Tianyi in her outfit from the Lost in Tianyi album, which you can review coverage of from last year.

Birthday Wishes from Mirinda


Fans should know well the many collaborations that Tianyi has had with Mirinda. On her birthday, the soda company extended their birthday sentiments to her through a Weibo post that you can find here! The post even has an accompanying illustration of Tianyi in another new litchi-themed outfit, and the remark about how they are looking forward to her performance at Bilibili Macro Link VR next weekend. We already know that Tianyi and Mirinda have something up their sleeve for the concert, so stay tuned to find out exactly what they have in store!

Pizza Hut Collaboration Dress

Mirinda wasn’t the only company sending their well wishes. Before her birthday party started, Tianyi revealed on her Weibo the dress that she wore during her collaboration, now made into an actual, physical dress! You can see the post here, showing photos of the dress for all visitors to see.

You can see below for a recap of Tianyi’s collaboration with Pizza Hut last year, and what makes this dress so special!

Birthday Party Livestream

Finally, at exactly 7:12 PM on 7/12, Tianyi’s birthday concert and night of activities began! The party was also streamed online here (now just showing a montage loop). During the party, Tianyi performed several of her classic songs like I LOVE U, as well as the above-mentioned Starlight and Pink Blue!

Here are some screenshots from the big night:

300 Glamorous Heroes Collaboration

As you may catch sight of in the above screenshots, one of the videos played during the night was for the upcoming 300 Glamorous Heroes 2.0 and Tianyi’s character in it!

The video was also posted on Tianyi’s official Weibo, which you can find here. You can also see here for more information on the continuing 300 Glamorous Heroes and Vsinger collaboration!

Birthday video from Vsinger

Finally, a short but very special video was uploaded on Vsinger’s official Weibo page, giving their thanks and support to Tianyi! Check it out here!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of Tianyi’s 7th anniversary celebrations! You can follow her on Weibo, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up to date on everything Tianyi!

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