SONIK☆FEST Crossfade Now Online, Album Available for Purchase

Today, July 14, 2019, is SONiKA’s 10th anniversary! To celebrate, celestrai has uploaded the crossfade for the SONIK☆FEST album for all of her fans to enjoy!


1) Lo-fi Wannabe

Music: Joshua Lee
Tuning: MeerkatQueen
Art: Mx.Endo

2) Stuck on Repeat

Music: Pika-P, Nezu
Art: synchro_style
PV: Anakin


Music: Satinather
Tuning: dotkrawl
Art: xShadowxXIII

4) Nightfall Parade

Music: Nessa
Tuning: Pumpkin Head
Art, storyboard: Edlinklover

5) The Divinely Authorized Order of the Universe

Music: Pumpkin Head

6) Living Hell

Music: Devil Cat

7) kilter

Music: OneThoughtRemains
Tuning: Pumpkin Head
Art: momoi

8) Still Standing

Music: Kyttynz

9) Silence

Music: MeerkatQueen

10) Landing

Music: Quasar P
Tuning: Pika-P

11) Wind in My Hair

Music: Slightly Shredded

12) Forget This, Forget You

Music: MC Ballad

13) Stardust Message

Music, lyrics, PV, art: celestrai

Album Purchase & Art Zine Download

Purchase the SONIK☆FEST album here on Bandcamp!

Also download the collaboration art zine here for free!

Be sure to visit the SONIK☆FEST official Twitter here to find tweets from all the talented musicians and artists involved in SONiKA’s 10th anniversary collaboration!


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