Final SONIK☆FEST Updates: Tuning Event Results, VOCAFEST Website

Now that SONiKA’s 10th anniversary has passed, and now that the album has been released, SONIK☆FEST is starting to wind down, but not before giving us some last few enjoyable updates!

Tuning Event Result

First is the result of their tuning event: a group tuned cover of “U know It (My Name is SONIKA)!”

Music: VioletCall
Arrangement: celestrai
Tuning: MeerkatP, Pika-P, Pumpkin Head, khanadee, Devil Cat, celestrai, synchro_style


Next came the SONIKAFEST Exit Survey. This survey gives fans a chance to share their impressions and opinions on SONIK☆FEST, which the organizers will take to heart for the next FEST.


That’s right, we said the “next FEST.” On the VOCAFEST official website, it has been revealed that SONIK☆FEST is just the first of many planned VOCALOID-centered “FESTS.” The next one will be for Big Al, likely for his own 10th anniversary coming up on December 22, 2019!

To keep up to date on all their developments, be sure to join their Discord, as well as follow celestrai on Twitter!

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