Luo Tianyi x Shumen Collaboration Announced

Luo Tianyi will make her appearance in the mobile MMORPG Shumen on August 2! The teaser page finally revealed the collaboration today, July 23, and further shows other activities, an MV for the main theme song, and more to come in the following days.

Tianyi’s debut in the game will bring with it five new adventures for players to experience. Also revealed is the dance video for Tianyi’s cover of the song 大碗宽面 / Dàwǎn Kuānmiàn (Big Bowl Thick Noodle) with the game’s character Mo Yun.

Tianyi’s appearance in the game will be that of a chibi companion fairy who always sticks to the player and wears a headset. She will also appear as “Luo Shui Tianyi,” wearing a beautiful blue and white dress.

Finally, to celebrate the start of the collaboration, Shumen is now holding a cosplay contest for entrants to cosplay as Tianyi or as one of the characters in the game. Winners of the contest can win a Huawei P30 Pro, ¥1,500 RMB or ¥2000 RMB.

To enter, simply take a photo of yourself cosplaying as Tianyi or a Shumen character, and then follow Shumen official Weibo account and post the photo to Weibo with the hashtag #依见倾心cos大赛#, the subject #cos#  , and the tag @蜀门手游 before August 25.

Furthermore, those who follow Shumen on Weibo and share the below announcement post before August 25 can have the chance to win the following prizes:

1 winner will receive ¥2,000 RMB in cash
10 winners will receive a 30cm Tianyi doll

Stay tuned as more reveals are made before the collab’s launch on August 2. Shumen can be downloaded for Android devices here and on the App Store here.

Information source: Official Collaboration Site


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