IA & ONE Marine Visual Merchandise Available at Comiket 96

A tweet from Hachimaki has revealed the merchandise featuring the IA & ONE Marine version visual, which will make their debut at Comiket 96 from August 9 through 12!

Marine Version Merch

A2 Poster-Calendar Set: ¥1,000 JPY

Cushion (IA and ONE versions): ¥4,000 JPY each

B2 Tapestry: ¥3,000 JPY

Bath Towel: ¥3,500 JPY

Glitter Can Badge Set: ¥700 JPY

Acrylic Figure Set: ¥2,500 JPY

Waterproof Smartphone Case: ¥1,800 JPY

Acrylic Keychain (IA and ONE versions): ¥500 JPY each

A4 Clear File Folder: ¥300 JPY

Other Merch

Smartphone Ring (IA and ONE versions): ¥1,500 JPY each

Wristband (IA and ONE versions): ¥1,200 JPY each

Leather Card Case with Strap (IA and ONE versions): ¥2,200 JPY each

Full Graphic T-Shirt: ¥5,000 JPY
※With the AR app pictPOP, IA will be shown dancing to CONQUEROR and ONE to ONEgaiDarlin’

Be sure to follow Hachimaki on twitter and expect more to be revealed soon. Those attending Comiket 96 can find the 1st Place booth at space 2322 of the Aomi Exhibition Hall B of the Tokyo Big Sight!

**UPDATE ON AUGUST 2, 2019**

The albums that will be available at the Hachimaki booth at Comiket 96 have been revealed. Among them is the Musical & Live Show “ARIA” Original Soundtrack for ¥3,500 JPY, featuring 21 songs, including 10 new ones!

1. Introduction ~Planet ARIA~

2. ARIA’s Breath

3. Dawn of the Planet ARIA

4. HAVE FUN! / IA / KAIDO / Lia / ONE / TKD

5. Discord

6. The National Anthem of ARIA

7. One Heart | IA & ONE

8. Resonance World ~Inner Journey~



11. Conqueror | IA

12. 絶対領域 / Zettai Ryouiki | IA

13. ホロンボット / Holon Bot feat. IA (ARIA Ver.) | ONE

14. Reload | IA & ONE

15. 夜咄ディセイブ / Yobanashi Deceive –Teddyloid Hopping Remix- | IA

16. てるみい / Tell Me (Live Ver.) | IA & ONE

17. Euphoria (Live Ver.) | IA

18. Resonance World | IA

19. The Eternity And More | IA

20. Higher | IA

21. ARIA ON THE PLANETES ~Best wishes for you~ | IA

Other available albums:

IA/04 -STAR- (¥4,000 JPY)

ONE/01 -BLOOM- (comes with an acrylic keychain) (¥3,500 JPY)

REVIVES (¥3,000 JPY)

The History of OOS (¥2,500 JPY)

ビットチューン / Bit Tune (¥500 JPY)

スピンオフガールズ / Spin-Off Girls (¥1,500 JPY)

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