Summer WonFes 2019 Product Round Up!

The Summer round of WonFes 2019 was in full swing last night if you’re in the western hemisphere and this morning if you’re farther east. We saw lots of VOCALOID related figures, although many we already knew about. There were also some previously announced figures possibly missing from the line up.

Unfortunately, a typhoon did dampen the excitement of WonFes and soaked many WonFes goers. So Twitter wasn’t as full of pictures from WonFes attendees as usual. But this is what we found from following Twitter throughout the event!

Miku Figures

Miku took up a good chunk of the VOCALOID related figures this time around. Surprisingly, there weren’t any new Nendoroids on display. But we did get to see progress on several scales as well as some new scale figure announcements and a new prize figure!

Hatsune Miku Scales

1/7 Scale Hatsune Miku Snow Princess Ver.

Image Source: Twitter @phaius66

At Winter WonFes 2019, this 1/7 scale Snow Miku figure was announced. And now we have a painted prototype! There’s currently no news on a release date or pricing but we should have that information very soon.

1/8 Scale Racing Miku 2019 Ver.

Image Source: Twitter User @phaius66

Also announced at Winter WonFes 2019 was the Racing Miku 2019 scale! She’s now a fully painted prototype. Unfortunately, there’s no news on her release date or price either.

1/7 Scale Racing Miku 2013 Rd. 4 SUGO Support Ver.

Image Source: Twitter User @phaius66

And the last scale figure to be teased in the Winter and see some progress in the Summer is the 1/7 scale Racing Miku 2013 Rd. 4 SUGO Support Ver. figure by Aquamarine. Both the Racing Miku 2019 Thailand Ver. and Racing Miku 2018 scale figures do not have prototypes yet as confirmed by booth photos.

SEGA Prize Figure Hatsune Miku Ribbon x Heart

New Miku Announcements

Scale Hatsune Miku: Symphony 2019 Version

Scale Hatsune Miku: Kentaro Yabuki x osoba Ver.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this design and the collaboration behind it, check out the links below!

Design and Collab Information

osoba App In Action
Promotional Video
osoba booth at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon

Scale Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2019 Ver.

Returning Miku Figures

These Miku figures were previously announced but haven’t seen any progress since the last event they were featured in.

Scale Hatsune Miku: Miku Expo 2019 Taiwan and Hong Kong

Scale Hatsune Miku: Miku Expo 2019 Taiwan and Hong Kong

1/8 Scale Hatsune Miku Digital Stars 2019 Ver.

Source: Degeki Hobby

1/7 Racing Miku 2018 Summer Version

Source: Hobby Search Twitter

Scale Hatsune Miku First Dream Ver.

Source: Twiter @phaius66

This figure is a bit of an odd one as the colored prototype was previously revealed at Shanghai WonFes. However it’s not the only one to not make an appearance at Summer WonFes 2019. Luo Tianyi Lemon Ver. was also missing.

1/8 Scale BLACK ROCK SHOOTER: inexhaustible Ver.

Source: Hobby Search Twitter

Many fans were worried this figure may have been cancelled after not making an appearance at Winter WonFes 2019. Thankfully it’s still in production and even has a prototype now! We even have a video with a view from several angles.

Where’s Tianyi?

Source: GSC Weibo

The colored version of the much anticipated Luo Tianyi Yellow Version scale also first appeared at Shanghai WonFes earlier this year. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem to show up at Summer WonFes 2019. Hopefully this doesn’t mean a limited release to only China.

No HaiYi?

Another surprise was no update on the HaiYi figure previously teased by Quadimension. With the teasers coming so close to WonFes, many fans thought that the company would surely reveal the figure during the event. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Hopefully we’ll see the figure soon!

That’s All For Now

Stay tuned to VocaSphere for more updates! Summer WonFes may have ended but there’s always more figure news as well as other vocal synth news and events! Be sure to keep an eye on our website, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.

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