Hatsune Miku x Venus Eleven Vivid Collaboration Announced

Fans may recall the collaboration between Tohoku Zunko and Venus Eleven Vivid from earlier this year.

Now it will soon be Hatsune Miku’s turn on the soccer field! That’s because a new collaboration with Miku has been confirmed!

Twitter Campaign

To get players pumped for the collab, a Twitter campaign is now underway on the Venus Eleven Vivid official Twitter account.

To participate, players will need to first follow @Venus11Vivid on Twitter. Then they retweet the below tweet with both the hashtags #びびびミク and #初音ミク between now and 11:59 PM on August 30 (JST) in order to accumulate points for the campaign organizers to tally up.

How many points your retweet creates for the campaign depends on what else you retweet it with.

Retweeting with text only: 1 point

Retweeting with a screenshot or image: 5 points

Retweeting with a video: 10 points

Retweeting with an illustration: 10 points

Depending on how many points are accrued by the end of the retweet campaign, players will get a nice login bonus during the second half of the collaboration, which go as so:

Between 0 and 3,938 points:
1st day: Rental Points x 3,900
2nd day: Pudding x 39
3rd day: 390,000 gold
4th day: Elite Plus x 39
5th day: Away Game Powerup (LV3) x 9
6th day: S Venus shard∀ x 1
7th day: Venus Heart x 400

Between 3,939 and 39,389 points:
1st day: Rental Points x 3,900
2nd day: Spicy Senbei x 39
3rd day: 390,000 gold
4th day: Fantasista Plus x 39
5th day: Vivid Camp x 1
6th day: S Venus shard∀ x 1
7th day: Venus Heart x 800

Over 39,390 points:
1st day: Mini-game LV3 x 39
2nd day: Dream Ticket x 39
3rd day: Rental Points x 39,000
4th day: Watermelon x 39
5th day: Legend Plus x 39
6th day: Jewel Piece x 39
7th day: 3,900,000 gold
8th day: S Venus shard∀ x 3
9th day: Vivid Camp x 3
10th day: Venus Heart x 2,000

Digital Signage

Furthermore, at three different locations in Akihabara Station, there will be digital signs advertising the “Venus Eleven Vivid! x Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2019” collaboration. If you get close to them, they will begin displaying videos and images encouraging onlookers to participate in the Twitter Campaign.


Akihabara Station, Show-dori entrance, J・AD Vision

Akihabara Station, West entrance Akihabara UDX Vision

Akihabara Station, Electronic Town entrance, LaOX Akiba Vision


Information source: http://amajor6.net/blog/?p=22873

Venus Eleven Vivid official site: http://www.amazing-game.co.jp/product/venus11vivid/

Venus Eleven Vivid on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Venus11Vivid

Venus series on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Venus.amazing

Get the game on:
App Store
Google Play


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