Next Mikonological Fanmade Concert Announced for September 15, 2019

Fans may remember us reporting on the fanmade concert Mikunological being held at the Nagaoka University of Technology Multimedia Center earlier this year.

Now it has been announced that the next concert will be held on September 15, 2019 at campus grounds once again as part of the 39th Nagaoka University of Technology Festival!

This time around, the concert will be a celebration of Megurine Luka’s 10th anniversary, and the main visual illustrated by 彌霧ヘカル / Yagiri Hekaru likewise features her alongside Hatsune Miku. The announcement also reveals EasyPop as the first special guest to the event. Finally, the concert is once being hosted by NUT Software.

Doors will open at 10:30 AM and the concert is set to begin at 11:00 AM (JST). Anyone in the area should do themselves a favor and show the concert team their support!

Mikunological on Twitter:

**UPDATE ON AUGUST 19, 2019**
Official website now open as well!


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