Official Hatsune Miku TikTok Account Open, #初音ミク Challenge Soon Underway

Hatsune Miku now has an official TikTok account! You can find it by searching the TikTok ID hatsunemiku0831.

TikTok users can even now mention “#初音ミク” or “TikTok ID: hatsunemiku0831” in their posts! In fact, they should start getting used to that now, because there will soon be a new Hatsune Miku challenge underway on the platform!

#初音ミク Challenge on TikTok

Between August 18 and September 1, TikTok users will have the chance to win some Miku merchandise by posting illustrations, music videos, dance videos, 3D videos, cosplay photos, event photo reports, and anything related to Hatsune Miku as part of the “#初音ミク チャレンジ” contest! Participants will even have the chance to see their works get made into digital stickers to use on TikTok. Any interested party can post as much content related to the challenge as they like, so feel free to post to your heart’s content!

How to Enter

1. Search for and follow the TikTok ID: hatsunemiku0831

2. Post your Hatsune Miku-related short videos with the hashtag #初音ミク. Photo series posts can even be made as a slideshow.

3. Finally, those with Twitter accounts can use the Share function on TikTok to easily tweet their posts on Twitter with the hashtags #初音ミク or #初音ミクチャレンジ

Best of luck to those who will be entering!

KARENT Song Distribution on TikTok

Furthermore, it has been announced that VOCALOID songs from Crypton Future Media song label, KARENT, will soon be made available through TikTok as well! Fans can expect more announcements on this very soon!

Visit Hatsune Miku’s official TikTok account:

Source: Hatsune Miku Official Blog


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