wogura’s New Illustration Book Debuting at C96

wogura has teased a new illustration book called “WMA Vol. 7” that is going to be sold during Comiket 96 in Japan, and it includes drawings of Miku and other fellow VOCALOIDs!

His colorful C96 catalouge includes:

  • WMA vol. 7 (A4 size, 32 pages, consisting drawings of VOCALOIDs, MVs and other doujin projects): ï¿¥1,000 JPY
  • MIKUNOBLUE (B5 size, 60 pages, Hatsune Miku-themed book): ï¿¥1,500 JPY
  • Acrylic Keychain (Set of 2, Lemon Miku and Lime Miku): ï¿¥1,000 JPY

You can visit wogura’s booth on Sunday, August 11 in Tokyo Big Sight’s west area A, block 10b.

You may recognize wogura’s art style from some of Utata-P‘s most iconic works, such like This Is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee , I’m Sorry for Liking You or Most Certainly… Undoubtedly… a Goddess!!. wogura is also well known as the character designer for Soubiki Noho in #COMPASS, whose character song is Kire, Carry on by Police Piccadilly.

Isn’t it great to see such an artist being still active in the VOCALOID scene?

Follow wogura on Twitter to see more of his new works!

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