1st Place 15th Anniversary Collaboration Cafe with Mixx Garden Announced

From August 27 through September 16, the 1st Place 15th Anniversary collaboration cafe event will take place at Mixx Garden! During that time, they will be offering a variety of menu items based off IA, OИE, Lia, Kagerou Project, and Spinoid.

Ticket sales for the event will begin on August 11 at 10:00 (JST) on 7ticket.

General reservations to the cafe can be made here:


Ticket page now available here!

Drink Menu

All drinks are ¥700 JPY

IA’s Sakura Latte
Sakura latte + pink whipped cream + sakura flake

OИE’s Frozen Passion Drink
Frozen yogurt + orange juice + passion syrup + Carib syrup + whipped cream + pistachio

Lia-Produced Cherry Jelly Cherry Cola
Cola + cherry syrup + cherry jelly + vanilla ice cream + drained cherry
+¥100 JPY to add rum

Kido’s Purple Grape Drink
Kyoho syrup + soda + whipped cream + cookie

Seto’s Maccha Soda
Maccha syrup + soda + ball ice cream + mint

Kano’s Coffee Float
Coffee + vanilla ice cream + mint

Marry’s Tea Party
Black tea + chocolate

Momo’s Red Bean Peach Orange Drink
Orange juice + pink syrup + Passion fruit syrup + whipped cream + anko

Ene’s Blue Electric Drink
Blue curaçao syrup + lemon juice + ginger ale + pop rock candy + mint

Shintaro’s Chestnut Cola
Cola +chestnut syrup + whipped cream

Hibiya’s Ramune White Drink with Starberry Ice cream for Hiyori
Blue curaçao syrup + Ramune syrup + milk products + strawberry ice cream + mint

Konoha’s Melon Soda
Melon soda + reaspberry

Ayano’s Akanezora Drink
Zakuroaid + white grape soda + cherry

Food Menu

¥920 JPY

OИEGAI Darlin’ Bento
¥950 JPY

Lia-Produced Mint Sauce Sandwich
¥930 JPY

Squid Ink Pasta of Clearing Eyes
¥900 JPY

Fried Potato with Butter
¥800 JPY

Dessert Menu

IA’s Special Peach & Earl Grey Cake Plate
¥800 JPY

OИE’s Special Mango & Yogurt Sweets Plate
¥800 JPY

Jelly Parfait of Endless Summers
¥800 JPY


The coasters are grouped into IA + OИE (2), Lia (3), Kagerou Project (8), and Spinoid (1). Customers will receive one free random coaster from the group that corresponds to the drink, food, or dessert item that they order.

1st Place 15th Anniversary Collectible Can Badges

¥300 JPY each

Grouped into IA/OИE (8) and Kagerou Project (20)

Which badge you get is randomized

Size is 57mm in diameter
But if you get one that says “当たり,” you can show it to the staff to trade it in for a 76mm in diameter version.

Information and image source: Official Mixx Garden Collaboration Cafe page


Mixx Garden’s official Twitter account recently confirmed some other details about what visitors to the collaboration cafe can get.

Those who purchase a ticket to the cafe event from 7ticket will receive a discount ticket for one of the collaboration drink items, as well as a ticket for 1 of 15 possible illustration cards of their choosing.

Futhermore, once in the cafe, all visitors will be able to receive a free A3 poster from among the any of the following groups of their choosing:

  • Kagerou Project: 1 random out of 12 posters
  • IA/OИE: 1 random out of 5 posters
  • Spinoid: 1 poster
  • Lia: 1 poster

※Although visitors can choose their desired poster category, which poster they receive will be randomly determined if they choose Kagerou Project or IA/OИE.

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