Hatsune Miku x Youme Cafe SWEETS PARADISE Collaboration Cafe Announced

SWEETS PARADISE has confirmed that they will be holding the Hatsune Miku x Youme Cafe collaboration cafe in Japan! This event is a continuation of the first collaboration cafe held at the Youme Cafe in Hong Kong, and even shares the same main visual by R_りんご / R_Ringo and chibi designs by 上倉エク / Uekura Eku.

Dates and Locations

Location 1: SWEETS PARDISE at Ueno ABAB

Dates: August 24 through September 29

Location 2: SWEETS PARADISE at Clefy Sannomiya

Dates: August 28 through September 29


All prices are tax-included

Adult buffet: ¥1,500 JPY
※Must be purchased before ordering collaboration menu items

Collaboration food and dessert item: ¥700 JPY each

Collaboration drink item: ¥500 JPY each

Afternoon Tea Set: ¥2,000 JPY

Food / Dessert Menu

Each collaboration food, drink, or dessert item purchase comes with a 1 random coaster out of a possible of 12.

Miku’s Beef Noodle Soup with Leeks Aplenty
Green onion + beef + ramen

Rin’s Chicken Omelette Rice
Chicken saute + omelette rice + white cream sauce + parsley + rice paper, edible sheet

Len’s Katsudon
Pork cutlets + egg + rice + green onion

Luka’s Seafood Tuna Pasta
Seafood pasta + tuna + carbonara sauce + parsley

MEIKO’s Karaage Set
Fried chicken + rice, miso soup + lettuce + paprika

KAITO’s White Curry Gratin
White curry + pork cutlets + cheese + gratin + wafer cake

Miku’s Melon Ice Cream Pancake
Pancake + melon ice cream + strawberry + strawberry syrup + castella cake + maple syrup + mint

Rin & Len’s Mango Pomelo Sago
Mango + tapioca + grape fruit + coconut milk + milk

KAITO, MEIKO, Luka’s Parfait
Blue jelly + corn flakes + strawberry cream + vanila ice cream + strawberry syrup + strawberry + mint

Drink Menu

Miku’s Strawberry Melon Smoothie
Melon smoothie + strawberry

Rin’s Mandarin Orange Fruit Tea
Can be served hot or cold along with the following items.
Cold: black tea, orange juice, mandarin orange, or mint
Hot: black tea or mandarin orange

Len’s Banana Milk
Banana Milk + tapioca

Luka’s Strawberry Yogurt
Strawberry yogurt + whipped cream + star-shaped chocolate

MEIKO’s Pomegranate Rose Tea
Can be served hot or cold

KAITO’s Blue Curaçao Litchi Soda
Blue syrup + litchi syrup + soda + vanilla ice cream

Afternoon Tea Set

Purchases of the Afternoon Tea Seat comes with a 2-piece poster set.

Croissant + pie + almond (banana and mango) + strawberry cookie + orange cookie + maccha ice cream + cupcake (3 types) + carrot mousse + Earl Grey

Bookmark Present Campaign

For every ¥3,000 JPY (tax included) that you spend, you can get 1 random bookmark out of a possible of 6, available only while supplies last.

Collaboration Goods

All prices are tax-included

Collectible Acrylic Stand Keychain: ¥750 JPY
About 70mm in height
12 types in all (6 types that fit into a custom star-shaped stand, 6 types that fit into any generic stand)

Giant Acylic Stand Keychain: ¥1,500 JPY each
Miku ver: about 94mm x 150mm
Rin & Len ver: about 70mm x 150mm

Collectible Can Badge: ¥400 JPY
12 types in all
About 55mm in diameter

A4 Clear File Folder: ¥500 JPY

Cushion: ¥3,000 JPY each
About 350mm x 350mm
Miku ver. and Rin & Len ver.

All information and images come from the official collaboration cafe page.

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