Voicemith Confirms OSCAR neo

Voicemith fans, rejoice! OSCAR neo has been confirmed to be in development!

The confirmation comes from a post on Voicemith’s Facebook page. OSCAR neo’s existence was previously teased with a cover photo update a few days earlier.

In their confirmation post, Voicemith promises fans of Oscar’s current voice bank that they will not make any big changes with his neo bank, mainly just improve his singing and speech capabilities. His current voice bank will even still be kept available for anyone to download for free, with the possibility of further development for it if better voice synth technology presents itself.

神子 / Jinko will be in charge of character design for OSCAR neo, and his 3D model is being created by the MMD modeler 椛暗.

As for those who love Joan as well, fret not. Voicemith promises that they will also make a JOAN neo in due time!

Voicemith also mentions that there have been quite a few people asking about the 3D model for Xia Yu Yao as well. They assure fans that Yu Yao’s 3D model is actually already complete, but they are currently planning out her big debut, and will be letting fans know before long!

Finally, Voicemith thanks all their fans for their support, which these projects would not be possible without!

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